The series of festivals has started in the new year 2020. India is quite famous for state festivals, Lohri is a festival which is always celebrated with great enthusiasm. India is the most cultured country. India is incomplete without multi-state festivals. Each state has a different famous festival and culture and traditions, which makes it different from any other country. The festival of Lohri is celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus all over India. Punjab is a center of attraction for the whole of India. The festival of Lohri marks the end of the winter season and is traditionally celebrated to welcome the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. The day of the festival begins at dawn when the children sing house-to-house in praise of Dhula Bhati, their visitors are usually given money as they knock on their neighbor's door. In the evening people gather around the bonfire, and first, they throw sweets, puffed rice, and popcorn into the flames. And sings popular folk songs and exchanges greetings. Nowadays people sing Punjabi songs and perform bhangra on the night of Lohri festival. This festival is the most burning festival for Sikhism. So, send best wishes to your friends, relatives and loved ones on this special festival! There are greeting pictures available for all the festivals available here, which you can easily download, here you will get the greetings of all the festivals. 200 Wishes is a platform to help send wishes to your loved ones in the world, get your favorite wishes for all your relatives and friends.